what is the blog about?

well, initially, this blog was created to share all the sadness, happiness, tensions and everything during my wedding preparation..but, then, after talking to several people, why should I stop writing? it doesn't matter if there's no one reading this blog..i'm still gonna share my experience..who knows, this blog could be helpful for someone out there..

why the name wifey's jabber?

well..it's quite obvious, I use the name because I'm a wife but i don't know why or how I got the word..
and the meaning of jabber itself is:

jabber (v):
to talk or utter rapidly, indistinctly, incoherently, or nonsensically; chatter.

who am I?
I'm just an ordinary person, a jobless wife or what people call it nowadays, HOUSEWIFE, to a wonderful man, let's call him Mr. H and a super-cute wonderful daughter, Nesha.

Happy reading guys... ^^